Whenever you need a special-purpose truck or truck replacement parts, talk to experts at Haoruitong Special Truck Co., Ltd., they are trained to know and happy to help. Haoruitong carries a comprehensive line of dump trucks, concrete mixer trucks, semi-trailers, tractor units, and water trucks.
From our ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, which spans 30,000 square meters, we are able to produce 120,000 special purpose vehicles per year using more than 150 sets of manufacturing equipment, including the press brake, plate shear, NC plasma cutter, and the uncoiler. We own and operate a modern truck manufacturing line, delivering reliable special-use trucks bearing CCC marks to Southeast Asia, Africa, North America, Russia, and the Middle East.
By leveraging more than 10 years of experience in serving the trucking industry and introducing ground-breaking special truck design, Haoruitong has been all the times taking the lead in technological innovation, product research and development, process improvement, manufacturing, and quality management.
Our MIIT-designated special-purpose vehicle research center is home to 36 senior professionals and 520 technical workers. The winning of over 30 national patents is a testament to our technical strength, which empowers us to continue upgrading our existing products and developing new technology.


Haoruitong Special Truck Co., Ltd. was founded.
The company became a MIIT-designated special-purpose vehicle research center, which signifies that our special-purpose trucks meet industry-leading standards.
We reaped 12 national patents for our trucks.
Our annual sales reached 530 million RMB.
A branch was built in Southeast Asia.
A branch was built in Southeast Asia.
A new factory was built to accommodate our expanded business.

Customer Visiting

Dump Truck Buyer from France

Water Truck Buyer from Indonesia

Water Truck Buyer from Indonesia

Warranty Duration

Limited special-purpose truck warranty for a period of 6 months from the date of goods arriving at the destination port or 30,000 miles from the time of original sale, whichever occurs first. For defects within the warranty period due to material or manufacturing fault, we will send either replacement parts or repair men to customer site for repairs. After all vehicles arrive at customers' job site, we'll send one of our men to their place for operator training and other after-sales services that will last no less than 1 month.

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